Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The secret of my bed skirt…

I recently made over my bed and I am so excited about it. 

bed design 010

I am so excited to have a full – puddled – linen looking bed skirt. The secret is that the fabric is not even linen. I think it is 100% cotton but I don’t even know for sure because I got it at a discount fabric store (Home Fabrics) for $3 a yard AND it is the backside of the fabric.

bed design 020

After I washed it in hot water it just got nubbier. Yum. Is that a word? nubbier?

Do you want to see the right side of the fabric? I recovered this chair in it. Be patient with my weird exposures…I am still learning how to use my new camera.


Then I found some more nubby white cotton in my fabric stash and had big 28” pillows made with a 1 1/2” ruffle.

bed design 009

I already had the white quilt and duvet (which needs a cover…one day) as well as the Pottery Barn headboard (see my post about that here). Everything has been pre-washed in hot water which means no dry cleaning for me.

bed design 030

Isn’t that great texture!

bed design 028

I didn’t quite have enough fabric for the back side of the pillows so I found a  different fabric for the back. Can you see the subtle paisley print on the other side (below)?


I probably won’t keep all four grain sack pillows on my bed. I will need to mix in some other pillows…but I wanted to show them to you because I bought a whole bunch at market (they were a steal) and I am going to be offering them to my readers. Aren’t they great?

bed design 014

The best thing about a full-linen-puddled bed skirt is that it looks glamorous even when the bed isn’t made. It’s kind of like a movie star with messy hair!


Lynley said...

Bethany I love your bed! It is gorgeous and you are a genius to put the opposite side of the fabric showing! I love all your pillows and definitely want some when you put them up for sale!
-Lynley (Jon and Lindsey's neighbor)

Katrina said...

I love your bed! Such a creative out of the box idea to use the backside of that fabric. Love all the textures and blend of neutrual, airy colors!

Anonymous said...

looks soooo good Bethany! I love the bed skirt and pillows- you are getting so much done!


Emily said...

love the bed skirt and your comment about a movie star with messy hair.

Deb - Pink Pig said...

Wonderful job..i love love the bed and the colors and texture are perfect. Those Grain Sack pillows rock by the way. Thanks for the inspriation!

Living It At Home said...

I love what you did with that fabric! Never would have thought of flipping it over for that affect. Your bedroom is beautiful! Enjoy it!


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