Friday, October 8, 2010

Hoping to Adopt Another Baby !

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I don't usually get personal here. This is a design blog after all.  And even though this is a small blog, I know that I have readers from all over the country. I have learned a lot about networking through blogging. This blog has been a very effective spring-board into a design career and I am so grateful for it. One thing is for sure – blogging works! People start reading, they get to know you, and the next thing you know - you have a new client or friend!
As you might know, our son, Finn, came to our family through adoption five years ago. We are hoping to adopt another baby and we think blogging about it will help. We started a personal blog so that anyone considering adoption may get to know us better. You can pass the link along. It is  If you know of anyone that is considering adoption for their baby, please let them know about us! 
Times are changing and so is the adoption process. It isn’t enough to simply submit your papers with an adoption agency anymore. We are learning that networking with our friends and family members is one of the best ways to find our baby. We realize that this might seem a little bit pushy but there is nothing more important to us then building our family!
Please help us spread the word!
Lars, Bethany and Finn


Vanessa said...

Hi! I just found your blog through another one and had to say that I totally understand what you are going through! We have done 2 domestic adoptions and it certainly isn't an easy process! We spread the word just as you are and actually our daughter didn't even come to us through our agency but through someone who knew someone who knew us!! So, it definitely is worth putting the word out! I'll keep my ears open for you! :-)
P.S. YOUR HOME IS GORGEOUS!!! Love it! :-)

Marci said...

You're not being pushy at all. It's wonderful that you're putting what you want "out there." Hopefully someone who is looking for a good home for their child will see what a great situation you have to offer and connect with you. I will keep my ears open as well.

Maria Killam said...

What an amazing photo, Congratulations on such great news!


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