Thursday, November 6, 2008

A bit of luck

Sometimes I forget that we basically have a Pottery Barn Outlet here in Salt Lake City. The other day I went to the Down East Home Clearance Center, which is the outlet for the outlet. I made my way past all of the really damaged merchandise and mistakenly monogrammed jewelry boxes to the headboards. I found two great headboards for our bedrooms. The mattresses-on-metal-frames were just not doing it for me. I purchased each headboard for $75.

Yes- they both had damage but it was minimal. This one, for my room, has a little rip on the top. I thought that I would recover it but I really can't see the rip unless I go to the corner of the room, crank my neck and stand on my tip toes. I think I will save the recovering until after my son writes on it with magic marker or something.

This one is for my son's room and needs some touch-up paint in the groove of one of the panels. I can handle that! Sorry that these are not photos of the actual beds. At this moment, they are either being slept in or are not made!

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Melissa B. said...

I love downeast, I just got a headboard for Bo for $50 and am already regretting the cute antiqued brass for Bea. hopefully in 2 years when she is actually in a bed I will find another. Or it may be one of those purchases you just kick yourself for.


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