Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Favorite Design Surprise – Window Treatments

I love to watch my client’s reaction when they see draperies or roman shades in their home for the first time. They are usually amazed and delighted because they have underestimated the impact draperies or roman shades will have on a room in the first place.  I just had draperies installed in my living room and now I am amazed and delighted  every time I walk into the room.  

Here is the BEFORE photo:

McCall 139

And here is AFTER:

McCall 141

The room feels more polished and complete with the new draperies. It also feels more cozy!  I had the panels constructed so that the stacks don’t cover the windows, thus allowing the maximum amount of light during the day. You can also see my new light fixture over the dining room table on the right.

McCall 153

The fabric is a simple ticking stripe in a light blue-gray.  I love it because the color is just right for the room but it is also simple enough that I can change things up if I want to. Who me? Want to change things? naaaaa

McCall 156

I had them made with a 5” puddle on the floor so that they blouse rather then hang straight.  McCall 141

Now I am on to the next layer – accessories! I would also like to refinish that coffee table in a grayer tone – however, I like it in this photo. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Bethany, I LOVE your new drapes! The light fixture is fabulous as well. The room is looking great. First day of school tomorrow... I can't wait to get together. - Susie

Emily said...

Looks amazing. I guess I didn't picture the two in the middle, just two on the ends, but obviously you'll have 4. It looks great and it really does warm the room up, and finish it. Making everything in the room look more polished. Looks fantastic; on the coffee table note, it does need to be refinished and in a gray stain I think would be cool. Can't wait to see what you do next!

Linda in AZ * said...

* Love your blog, Bethany! (I can't seem to find out how to sign-up for notification of new postings, and I don't want to miss any! "Help", pls!?)~~~

We fell TOTALLY in lovvvve with Utah upon "discovering" it, building a place on the golf course at Entrada in St. George, and a smaller place in Park City~~~ I soooo disliked selling both when we moved to AZ 5 years ago...

Utah is alllllways in my heart, and your blog just warms me right up!!! Celebrating our anniversary there soon, too!

THANKS for such a beautiful blog!!!

Linda in AZ *

Church Fam said...

LOVE them! I also think the table looks good. Hope all is going well, miss ya

{littlefam} said...


Melissa J. said...

They look great Beth! Everything is coming together perfectly!


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