Sunday, March 28, 2010

Do you ever have buyers remorse?

I always try to prepare my clients when something new arrives at their home, especially when the room is being installed piece by piece rather then all at once. Just seeing something new in a space can be uncomfortable and if the room is not yet complete – the new items might look out of place. Yikes! and they have spent so much money! (that is what they are thinking of course)! But you have to remember that context is everything – right Maria.

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When a new light fixture arrived at my house last week, I had to talk myself out of having buyers remorse and figure out why the lantern looked so huge. Here is it (not yet installed) from Ballard Designs.

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And the funny thing was that it looked like the right size from every angle except this one. Can you figure out why?

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My beautiful grandfather clock which was placed behind it is exactly the same shape but drastically under-scale which made the light fixture look so big.

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So we moved the clock and now what do you think? The lantern is perfect, right! (or do you think I should take it back? JK).

Sidenote- the clock was a graduation gift to my husband from his parents. His father built it about 30 years ago when he couldn’t afford a clock that he saw in an interior designer’s showroom. I never saw the original but I can’t believe there is a better clock out there and I think I scored even though the gift was for my husband.


Maria Killam said...

Yes that is interesting and it looks like it will work now! I love those lanterns! Thanks for the mention!!

{littlefam} said...

i had always meant to ask you about that great clock! that is awesome that lars's dad made it!


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