Monday, July 19, 2010

For the love of quilting…


Each time someone in our family is expecting a baby we make a quilt. Even though the quilters in our family live in Utah, Texas and London we still manage to work together to create something special for each baby and expectant mother.  scan0004 We just started a new quilt for my sister-in-law, Lindsey, and her new baby boy due at the beginning of September. 

Our process goes something like this: the pattern and fabrics are selected. My mom and I cut, package and deliver (via mail) the pieces to my sisters (and we keep some for ourselves) to be hand sewn into blocks.  Then they are mailed back to my mom who sews the blocks together and prepares the pieced top for quilting. scan0003

Because these quilts are meant to be used by children we have them machine quilted by a professional. I know my Grandma June would be so disappointed. But that is how we do it and it is so much fun.


I am not a great quilter on my own but with the help of my mom and sisters I can contribute to something special and feel a great sense of accomplishment as a part of the team. 


I really love to decorate with quilts as well. Everyone of the beds in my house is made with a quilt, I have quilts that hang over chairs and quilts that I only bring out at Christmas time. I use quilts as table cloths and one day I would love to recover a chair in a quilt. 


I love that they can be feminine or masculine, old fashioned or modern. I love that they add color, pattern, and a story to every application.


Some of my favorite quilts have been purchased at yard sales others have been handmade by my sisters, mother or grandmother. Each one is unique and could never be replaced.


Quilting is a great summertime activity because it can easily be done in the car on a road trip, while sitting on a beach, or by the side of a pool (I am laughing as I write this because my sister Emily and I spent 5 hours in the pool today with our boys who are 2 and 4 years old – there is no way we could have quilted. LOL)


Anyway- it is great! I love it. Thanks to my mom and sisters for keeping this tradition going! We have three quilts to make this year. It is going to be great!


Lynley said...

Bethany! I also love quilts! My skills are very limited in this but I wish I knew how to make beautiful quilts like you and your family do! What a fun family tradition!
(Jon and Lindsey's neighbor)

Emily said...

I love our tradition, and always look forward to getting my quilt package. I also secretly like the competition to complete the quilt blocks first.

Cedar Roots said...

I too love your tradition. You and your mom are good little organizers. I love having a reason for a project, baby, holiday, decorating a room. Some day maybe I will be an awesome quilter and lay by the pool making quilts. Someday. . .


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