Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cotswold-style cottage for sale in San Diego

When I saw this home listed on the California MLS, I felt like I had been there before. Then today, as I was going through my inspiration file I found this photo.


I am not sure what magazine it came from but that was it! Here is another photo of the house from the MLS.


I like that they painted the door red. The home has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and is 2,408 square feet. They are asking $1.5M.

At the time the magazine article was written the home owners had lived there for twenty years. It was a classic home-love-story. They had been watching and dreaming about the home for years and finally it up for sale. They purchased it and redid just about everything.


It makes me sad that they are selling it. Twenty-plus years in a home that you love is a long time. However, I am sure they are moving on to something else fabulous.


This is the other photo from the magazine. You can see the floral slipcovered chair and white slipcovered sofa from the living room MLS photo.


It was fun to learn more about this house from the MLS. I also learned a little bit about the roof (by googling) which looks like a thatched roof but might also be a Zook Roof- named after the architect who developed the technique,  R. Harold Zook, from Illinois. His son Harold B. Zook also became an architect but moved to Southern California to set up shop…could there be a connection? Who knows?  But I hope you enjoyed the tour.

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Cordelia of Cottage Antiques said...

I LOVE this house. The owner came into my store in Ocean Beach today. It's not only a historical gem but every detail compliments the next.
My mom bought a 16th Century thatched roof (real thatches) cottage in England and lived in it for ten years until the early 1980s. My grandparents lived in Carmel and I've always been drawn to charming cottages, particularly English style. Living in an older home in Point Loma, I appreciate these wonderful neighborhoods that are so historically rich. We're lucky to live here.
Thanks for posting the photos. I love your blog.


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