Thursday, July 29, 2010

Designer Floral Arrangements in a Pinch


image While my sister was in town I talked her into helping me with a photo shoot. She is an awesome floral designer so I asked her to put together a few arrangements. Of course, it was totally last minute (because so was her trip).  But look what she came up with…

cannon 020

And you will never believe, all of these flowers are from the grocery store.  


OK – so we had to go to three different stores to find all of the right colors. But seriously, she is amazing and I am loving how she used leaves from my trees in the one above.

quilt 035

This one is in my kitchen and I hope it never dies.


Thank You Emily for making this all happen for me! You are the best. 


Emily said...

Thanks it was a fun project! We're a great team.

flower shop in the philippines said...

Lovely arrangement! I love them all. Wish someone also send me like that. Thanks for sharing.



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