Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This is why I love to design…

One of my favorite quotes about interior design is by Windsor Smith. In an interview with Brooke Giannetti on her blog, Velvet and Linen, She said:

“We are the navigators of energy. Nobody really decorates because they love beautiful fabrics. It’s really about improving quality of life.”


This is so true. And the reason why I love to help people with their homes. There are so many possibilities within the space you already have that can improve the way you live. And it isn't just about making it pretty. To me a functional space is just as beautiful as a mountain of luxurious pillows.

When I designed my kitchen and island, I imagined it to be a gathering, eating, and art project creating place. It is so great when the house in my mind becomes reality and the kids are all gathered around the island doing a project!

I hope your summer is starting off great!


Emily said...

Love it! I especially love the Dash and Albert rug off to the side, adds a lot of color, and fun to the room.

Cedar Roots said...

How sweet to have 6 kiddos up at the bar and occupied. Your kitchen is any mommies dream.

lindsay said...

I was noticing the rug too!! Not to mention the cute kids and cool design of the island!

Maria Killam said...

That is a great quote and so true!


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