Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to find great decorative books…

I happen to frequent this bookstore on a regular basis. I love to hunt down beautiful books for decorating…and sometimes they are great to read too ! If you have bookshelves to accessorize head to your local used book store -  if you live near downtown Salt Lake City, try Sam Weller’s Bookstore.


Down in the basement you will find the bargain section.


And the hunt begins. Start by looking inside the dust jackets. You can usually see from the tops of the books what color is inside without having to open them up.


Then just start picking books that work with your color scheme. You can see I had fun finding the books to coordinate with this bird print. It is like picking flowers for a bouquet.


I especially like two toned books and books with a little something that is interesting about them. Like the top one with the tree clip art. I just love that one.


I also look for oversized books, weathered books, linen colored, and matching books!  If you don't have bookshelves there are lots of great places to display books. I found this ladder at the Brimfield Antique Market (wishing I was there now!)


If you do go to Sam Wellers bring a suitcase on rollers. Seriously, there is no parking and you might have to walk a block or two!


This was my loot.

Where do you like to find books?


Emily said...

I have to admit, that buying a book for looks only is really new to me. Maybe when I have storage for my ugly books I'll understand. Looks like a fun shopping trip.

lindsay said...

love the cute bird books!!! Those shelves looked great! I love when people use cool books to decorate. It's never dawned on me to pull the colors together like that. Great post!

p.s. where do you get those cute iron/black metal birdies???

Cedar Roots said...

I was downtown today, looked up and saw this bookstore!! Luckily I recognized it from your blog post. Great find, thanks for the heads up.


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