Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our Backyard Progress Report

Last September, I posted about my favorite privacy trees – Frons Fontaine Hornbeams. To this day it is one of my most visited posts – partly because a lot of people Google “best privacy trees” and my blog comes up on the second page. I guess it is true that good –well thought out titles on your blog posts can boost your readership. I doubt “Our Backyard Progress Report” will do much for my blogs’ popularity, but – oh well.  This is what we have been up to at our house.


This weekend we planted 13 trees along our back fence in order to create a privacy screen and last month we installed the picket fence towards the back of our yard. The fence created a new dog run for Scout and Moose. Even though our dogs are really well behaved Labradoodles, they still reek havoc on the yard. So they will hang out back there when we are not playing with them or hanging out inside together.


This photo was taken while we were still planting the trees. We hope one day it will look something like this:


Wish us luck!


Cedar Roots said...

Looks so great. That's quite the project to plant 13 trees! I love the dog run also, super nice, and not an eyesore like some can be. Productive weekend!

Emily said...

They are beautiful. The yard is coming along great!

Ann said...

Looking good!

Willow Decor said...

Good Luck on the project!! It takes time to get it looking fabulous but it will! I dore the planter urn in the last photo! Lovely!

Ashley said...

LOVE the trees and the after pic that won't be too far away.


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