Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to find furniture that tells a story…

Last week I picked up some great prints at the Walter Larson Antiques show. They will be framed and hung in my four-year-old son’s room which is loosely themed “adventure”. I love their story-book quality and all of the motion in the artwork.


The Walter Larson Antiques Show is about the best that we have here in Salt Lake City, but it is mostly grannies attic type shopping.


It makes me so sad every time I go just because I know what I am missing out on. I used to ride my bike to the Farmington Antiques Weekend (which is by far my favorite show).


Plus, I have shopped Round Top and Brimfield to my hearts content.


But the prints are great, right? This trunk is another piece in my son’s room.


I can’t thank my mom enough for letting me use it. I love the trunk but I also love that my mom negotiated to purchase it out of the Nautica store display window at Fashion Island, for my brother’s room when we were kids. She is hilarious!

017 016

We read a lot of stories at our house. I thought this book rack would help me keep them picked up but I also love how much color and life it adds to the room.


So now I am on a hunt for a great map to frame and a new dresser. If you have any suggestions for a great map source please send it my way. Of course I am looking for something big, colorful and vintage!

If you are looking for great furniture and accessories, the kind that tell a story, you have to look beyond the traditional sources. You might want to check out a silly antiques show, your mother’s attic, or a store display window. You never know what you are going to find.


Nicole said...

The chest is killer. Your mom is a one of a kind. . .I also love the prints. Good finds. You are inspiring me, I need a fun "adventure" project of my own. What a great theme.

lindsay said...

Love the book rack! I am also looking for big maps. Keep me posted if you find a great place.

Emily said...

my furniture tells a story - its called flat broke :)

Margo said...

love the furniture. You are so creative. I really wanted an old, antique looking map for jarren, he is really into maps. I ended up just buying one I liked at a bookstore and then tea staining it. I am really happy how it turned out. love ya tons...


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