Friday, April 16, 2010

Diamond Baretta Designs

I learn so much through blogging! Don’t you? This week I came across a link to Diamond Baretta Design. You know how you follow a link to a link to a link? Well, that is what a did and I was so excited  when I saw these photos.


I have had an article about one of the homes they designed in Connecticut (probably from Country Living) in my inspiration book forever.


You can imagine my delight when I saw more images from their portfolio. What struck me the first time I discovered Diamond Baretta seemed to echo through all of their work.


First, their interpretation of a traditional New England look is so much fun and playful. It is like they have no fear when using color and pattern.


Second, all of their rugs are out-of-this-world. I remember looking up the source for the rug in the Country Living Magazine years ago and discovering that it was custom. I thought, can you do that? LOL. Seriously, look closely at every room.



Third, don’t miss the wallpaper and ceiling treatments. Look how they bring every vault to LIFE.




Fourth, The quilts!!! In my old inspiration photos they even had upholstered a wing back chair in a quilt. I am a quilter, my mom is a quilter and my aunts, cousins and grandma are quilters too. I love displaying treasured family heirlooms in my home.


Wouldn't you love to have a custom rug created for your home? I would.


Emily said...

beautiful, not 100 my style, but great inspiration.

Melissa B. said...

Something about these totally reminds me of your CT townhouse! More so in the first few pics. Have fun with our CT friends in a couple weeks.


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