Friday, March 5, 2010

How to stage your home for sale

Lately I have been really busy working with clients on such fun projects! It is great. The best part about interior design is connecting with wonderful people! Last week, I helped a client accessorize and stage her Salt Lake City/Sugarhouse home to sell.


But honestly, I hardly did a thing. She already had the place looking like it was ready for a magazine shoot.


As you can see, my client has perfected this home up to the very last layer. Every wall has a unique and beautifully selected piece of art. Every table is adored with thoughtful goodies…and that is why she has to move. Some people have to always have a project, right?


It is a good thing that I am only to the first layer of my home (rugs and window treatments). That means I will be able to stay here a long long time.


Wouldn’t you love to move into this lovely home? I can truly say there isn’t a project left to be done. It is perfection.


One suggestion I did make was to take these great macro shots. I think the details of a home really give it atmosphere. It helps that my client is also an awesome photographer.

imageDo you see why I have so much fun? To find out more about this home click here.

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