Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tree Bucket

With two dogs and a three-year-old, my tree skirt never stays straight, and my tree's water is always being splashed. Why must they play there?

Solution! Instead of a tree skirt, I put my tree and stand in one of these buckets. What a great look, plus it is totally practical (no splashing water on my hardwood floors).

Where to buy- I bought a galvanized bucket at IFA $25 (It is silver instead of brown) and found the perfect fitting tree stand at Smith's Market Place (a local Salt Lake City grocery store). Fortunately, I have two left over from last year if anyone would like to purchase them from me. I will even throw in the tree stand.

My tree is not up yet - but I wanted to post this before you all got yours up just in case you wanted to use this idea.


Ashley said...

ohhh I love this idea! I haven't made a tree skirt yet but this is perfect!!! I will be on the lookout for one. Where did you find this picture?

Bethany said...

Photo is from Better Homes and Gardens.


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