Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pre Loaded

I love to listen to music while I exercise but I am not a big music person. I feel stumped when I go to iTunes looking for new songs for my playlist. So my dream gift would be an iPod pre-loaded with music that I like - but didn't know that I liked. This would also be a perfect gift for an older person who is 'technically challenged' and doesn't know how to download music to their iPod.

For a less expensive spin on this idea, try downloading audiobooks from the library for FREE. Hint: most books from the library are not compatible with iPod - which gives you an excuse to buy a less expensive listening device. Here is the one I use (just $29.95) and here is a link to Overdrive Media, the download service that works with your local library.


Emily said...

I am the same way with music. My solution for you would be an ipod and play pandora on it.

Margo said...

What a wonderful idea. I went to that site and already reserved some books to be donwloaded. You are full of super good ideas.

Jen said...

Great idea! Thanks


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