Monday, December 1, 2008


When it comes to Christmas decorations, I am really lacking. Surprised? For someone so into shopping and decorating I should be fully stocked. As I look back on the last 12 years I realize that making other people's Christmas decorations (i.e. Santas) took up the bulk of my time, space and tolerance for trees, berries, and ornaments before Dec. 1 even hit. Additionally, this is the first year that I have had a child at Christmas. My son has been an infant and a toddler at Christmas but now he finally 'gets it'. It is so much fun to see his eyes light up when he sees a Christmas tree with twinkling lights. It makes me realize how few childhood Christmases there really are in one's life so I don't want to miss anything. Don't laugh but we don't even have stockings for our mantal (I guess we don't really have a mantal this year either but I have a plan).

So short story long (Ben) - I was shopping for a nativity scene on Etsy and look at this adorable felted wool set I found. I love the animals they look so sweet.

It is made by Bossys Feltworks and will only cost you $450 -yikes . Maybe I will just start with this sweet lamb made by The Gnome Home for $18.


Emily said...

i usually don't like handmade nativity, but this one looks so sweet. I also like that the children can handle them and not brake. Great find!

Wendy Posner said...

Just found your blog and I realize how much I miss you! I love the felt animals but not the price. I am going to go through your blog with hopes of finding pictures of Finn.

kristengus said...

Oh, those are dang cute!


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