Monday, December 8, 2008


10 neighbor gifts ready to go.....

I bought these little tins here and filled them with spices. Each one has almost all of the ingredients for one recipe. Each recipe is one of our favorites (which I think is key- you must give something tried and true).

Oh- how this appealed to my sense of order and inner-desire to be an assembly line worker (maybe just for a day). My son loved it too and was actually very helpful - he put the lids on and tipped the teaspoon into the tin after I filled it.

Next I printed the rest of the recipe out onto these stickers and put them on the bottom of the tins. It was really easy because the stickers are Avery labels and have a template that works with my printer.

I used a pasta salad recipe, a roast beef sandwich recipe for a slow cooker, and a spice mix for Mexican chicken.


Melissa B. said...

Such a cute idea! Way to go!

Emily said...

wish I were your neighbor. They turned out great!

Ashley said...

Blown away! I LOVE it! How far does your neighbors stretch? lol! Wonderful inspiration! Thanks!

Saltwater Taffy said...

What a great idea, I love that you combine your gift ideas with beauty and are practical! Love the blog!


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