Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Paper Products

Have you ever considered giving the wrapping paper as the gift? How about delivering a couple of rolls of carefully selected gift wrap to your neighbors this year. Maybe your sisters would love a box of ready-to-go tags? These are things we all love to use but never make time to shop for or splurge on - so they make excellent gifts.

Another idea is to put together a paper-products-for-the-party gift. How nice would it be to have festive paper plates, napkins, and cups on hand this year?

My mom and I found these today at Hobby Lobby - they were all 50% off!!!

This gift idea is really about saving everybody time - Plus the recipient won't feel guilty about throwing them away when they are done!!! So much fun and very practical.


Amy Lynn Smith said...

Bethany, I love you!! Seriously, you have just finished my gift list. I love love love the paper gifts as I never let myself indulge on the really cute stuff and I would love to receive a gift like that myself. My hostess gift is going to be this exactly and I will do this year round.

And the spice gift is perfect. I love it so much that I plan on offering it for our Super Saturday Craft day.

Keep the ideas flowing!

Ashley said...



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