Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holiday Ideas

Next week, I am going to start posting Holiday decorating and gift ideas. I am planning on posting almost everyday, so check back often and leave lots of great comments. I need your ideas too!!!!

For starters - What is the best gift that you gave last year?


Emily said...

quite honestly it was a stupid photo calendar with everyone birthdays on it. with a big family it's hard to remember birthdays- and the families loved the photos. I hit the easy button on that one, and it turned out to be the hit. Sometimes I think we stress to much and think about a gift too long.

kristengus said...

Most definitely the Family Photo Advent Calendar that I made from YOUR KIT!!! I was sooo proud that it turned out better than expected and thrilled to make something personal for my mother in law. She keeps it up all year long in her busy kitchen. You are brilliant!


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