Monday, October 6, 2008


I love shopping for pumpkins. It is crazy how much I look forward to this ritual. Every year I drive thirty minutes north and past several other pumpkin patches to J.W. Skinners in Bountiful, Utah. They have the best assortment of Cinderella and ghost white pumpkins; Hubbard squash and other gourds. This year my three-year-old son actually helped pick them out. I was surprised because he wanted lots of small ones. I don't know why but I assumed he would want the biggest one. I was dying to post pictures of the cute little corner market but ran out of camera batteries. If you want to go there and see for yourself, the address is 1875 S. and 400 W.

The photo above is from Country Living Magazine.

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Jennifer said...

I agree. Pumpkin "shopping" is exciting!!! This year we tried to grow our own..yah..oops I guess we got them in the ground late because they are still green. Cute, but green. I guess I'm off to find a better assortment.


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