Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm converted

After trying every-which-way to avoid putting plantation shutters in my home, here they are, and I love them. When I designed this floor plan, my friend, Alyssa pointed out that I would have two bathrooms, a closet, kitchen and family room in the front of the house. What would I do for window treatments? We realized that plantation shutters were the solution because they would give me the most light and privacy.

Why the hesitation? I prefer windows to have very simple or no treatments. My first choice would be to have such a magnificent view outside my windows that covering them would be a shame. That option would also have to include enough land and/or trees to provide plenty of privacy to those rooms. hmmmm - next life.

My second choice would be to have such magnificently beautiful windows that covering them would be a shame. Historic single divided light windows (below) would fall into this category. Maybe if I move back to Connecticut some day.

Until then, I live in a rambler in a typical Hollady, Utah neighborhood and I can see a house from every window. I now understand why these shutters are so popular in this area and I am OK with going along with the crowd (in this department anyway).

Tip- knowing that I would need them closed a lot of the time, I ordered them to split 3/4 of the way up. This allows for total privacy and a little bit of light at the same time.

It also breaks up the window visually on the outside of the house so that they look a little bit like transom windows.


Emily said...

the stools look amazing and the shutter look awesome!

rebecca said...

I love the them. I love the simple, clean look!!.. Happy anniversary to you and Lars!!!

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you posted you kitchen widows. Now Matt has an idea of what I want in the basement. I really love the look!

Ashley said...

I love how you split them. I love plantation shutters but hubby doesn't, so we have the temp window shades up. How long will they last? I am afraid he wants to find out. The stools look fabulous!

MJ said...

those stools were a brilliant find, and the shutters really do look great! Good work ;)


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