Thursday, October 9, 2008

More pumpkins

I couldn't help myself and went back to the pumpkin patch in Bountiful.

I really wanted to share some photos with you.

And I couldn't resist this little beauty.

PS - A lot of people have asked me how much $$ I spent on pumpkins. I have now idea why everyone is so concerned about money right now?JK - Just so you know, all of these pumpkins cost about $40.


Wade Family said...

I am just like you, I love love pumpkins.. It has been fun to watch them grow in amys back yard. Anyway I need your help.. I am looking for some hooks that look like this but cheep and local..

Bethany said...

Jessie- the link doesn't work. Try emailing to me.

Cedar Roots said...

Good place B, I just went to a place on 1100 East and 1433 South. Darling little shop, and fun gardens. I spent $40 also, but I think I got a few less pumpkins. The pictures of my kids were darling, and they had a great time, but maybe next year I can pull it together and head to the land of Bountiful.


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