Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Brand New Day

I love this new ad from Target. It gives me hope.

I have hesitated writing about the economy even though it is on my mind a lot. It is such a downer and I want my blog to be a place that inspires, uplifts and sometimes provides an escape from the humdrum. I have also hesitated writing about my husbands cancer, also a downer, but on my mind a lot.

We all need things to look forward to. But with so much uncertainty about the future, both personally and for our country, I think it is going to be the little things that get me through. For many of us, big projects and plans have been put on hold. But that doesn't mean that life comes to a screeching hault. There are still so many simple and creative ways to add warmth and character to our homes with out spending a lot of money. That is the message in the ad and the reason why I love it.

I have really loved blogging about my remodel. You have all added so much to the process. I hope that you will continue to read and leave comments as I shift priorities a bit. I want to continue to bring you awesome home renovation ideas and walk you though my friend Rebecca's project, because it is awesome. But I also want to bring you ideas for simpler protects - like where to pick out pumpkins this year. And with the holidays right around the corner, there will be a lot of great gift ideas and decorating tips to share with you.

There are many things to look forward to right now. We just got a new puppy, we are going to teach our son to ski this winter, the house needs lots of little touches that I could spend hours obsessing over, Christmas will not kick my butt this year! and of course, my husband will recover from cancer.

Let's hear from you- what are you looking forward to this year?


Church Fam said...

I just love you and your blog. I sitll need to hire you for a week to help me decorate. I just stare at places in my house and wish Bethany was standing next to me. I am so clueless. I get so excited to see your updates for inspiration or so I can just copy. I totally went and bought a bunch of pumkins after your last entry. miss you tons!

Amy Lynn Smith said...

I am looking forward to having a wonderful December this year that is about making memories for my kids instead of getting ready.

I am looking forward to my portrait photography busness growing and for the learning process to continue.

By the way, I am so sorry to hear about your hubby having cancer.

Margo said...

We so need to talk. Reading your post just brought a tear, well a bunch to my eye's. I will call you and tell you why. I love you and I am so thankful for your amazing outlook. I can't wait for all of your posts. You have the best ideas.

Sarah said...

Again, I stand in awe of you, your talent and your strength. I love you!

Amy said...

If I can type through my tears, I just wanted to say thanks for your inspiration. I look forward to seeing my daughter walk normal again. I look forward to seeing her without her front teeth for the next 3 years.Grateful to have her alive. I look forward Jayne potty training. (Now who gets excited about that?) And I look forward falling in love with Seattle. And I look forward to seeing everyone at Christmas. So I have a empty house without any furniture, but I too rededicate myself to enjoying life's simple pleasures. Love Ya Amy

Jennifer said...

Thank you!

Fancy Nancy said...

Bathany, it was so good to talk through Amy to you yesterday! I miss you! I miss college German with you... I miss dein Hund Cloe reports!!! I also miss coming over to your apartment to see your latest creations of stick chairs, swim suits (that should have totally been patented...) etc. I also LOVE your blog and all your fabulous design ideas. You really are so super talented! I am sorry about your hubby, but I know he will beat this!!! I am excited to keep in touch and I sent you an invite to my blog.


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