Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Before and After Kitchen

I am going to try not to spend this post pointing out the things that need to be finished and the things that need to be REDONE on the kitchen. But I thought it was time for a post about my kitchen. I will have to update it when the backsplash tile is complete, the five barstools are purchased, the cabinets are redone, the hood is complete...ooops, there I go again. I actually do love my kitchen. Here is why.

Bay Window Before
Bay Window After
We actually bumped this out an additional 18inches which gave me more space for the island.

Fireplace Before

Fireplace After
I tried really hard to incorporate this fireplace into the house because it was so quirky. In the end it just ended up being weird (its a fine line) so we covered it up.


Sorry if you are getting dizzy. The pictures are from opposite ends of the room and the kitchen isn't on the original side anymore. I am really happy with the white floating glass refrigerator. I think it was a good decision. I never have to wipe it off because it doesn't show anything and the room needs as much white as possible to make the cabinets (which are gray) pop rather than feel dreary.

I love the way this white beveled subway tile catches the light but I am not crazy about the glass mosaic accent piece. Everything about the kitchen is quiet and restrained. This is too chaotic for me in here. I am afraid it has to go but we will see if I get the energy for that.

I am enjoying having a big farmhouse sink! The more white the better and the more sink the better.


LittleFam said...

I love how the subway tile turned out and you know how jealous I am of your fridge! You have such a great eye for design. One day when we have $, you'll have to design my kitchen!

Emily said...

B- it looks amazing. It even looks better when it is clean! I think you did an amazing job! I can't wait to see the sitting room off of the kitchen that is my favorite room so far even though it isn't finished.

T. said...

I just love it. It is so fun to see the before and after pictures. Keep them coming!!

Jennifer said...

i love how light it is! i am wondering what is comming out of the tile backsplash? you really do have an eye for decorating. i think i'm ready for a demolition- matt isn't.

Church Fam said...

I LOVE it!!!!! I so wish I was there to just come and walk through it myself, but I'm not so I will need some more pics. love ya!

kristengus said...

I cannot believe that is the same kitchen!!! That is the most pale shade of gray- I love it. You are fabulous! Please try out for DESIGN STAR on HGTV!!!! You are the most talented- ever! Now, come consult for my house before you hit the big time.....

Admin said...

Woah... this is my dream kitchen! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Emi

Ann at HouseFinally blogspot said...

WoW! I am in awe of your kitchen---how funny we have chosen the same blog-design! I will be following you... ps I have a funky fireplace dilemma also- pic is posted on my blog....http://housefinally.blogspot.com/2009/10/serenity-now-mommys-solution-to-staying.html

Beth said...

This is beautiful! And I actually really love the glass mosaic piece. You should totally keep it. :)


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