Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kitchen Fireplace

One of the quirky things about the Glenna house is this fireplace.

I knew that this would end up being one of my favorite parts of the house...once I figured out what to do with it. This space has changed four times on the plans. It has been the eating area, sitting room, and the study. Now it is the kitchen which is really great because this is a perfect kitchen fireplace. The fact that it is off-center and at counter height makes it really easy to incorporate. What will we do with a kitchen fireplace? Roast marshmallows! Here are some inspiration photos. Which one do you like best?

(BHG Beautiful Kitchens Spring 2007)

(BHG Remodel Oct/Nov 2007)

(BHG Beautiful Kitchens Winter 2007)


Sarah said...

B, they are all so beautifull. I love different things about each one. How do you make that child proof? The first one looks a bit safer for that reason. (Sorry, just the way I think.)

Emily said...

The second one is my first choice. I like that it still looks like a fireplace, the first one is my second choice. I kind of don't like the last one because it looks like an after thought.

Jen said...

I like #2 becasue I like the thought of drinking hot cocoa next to a warm fire in my kitchen. You can cuddle up next to it and it sort of keeps you company in the winter months when you tend to bake more. I agree with Sarah that it also looks child proof-I'm embarassed that I didn't think of it before.

Jen said...
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rebecca said...

I like the second one. tom's aunt just has a fireplace exactly like that in her kitchen. Can't wait to see the final results. It will be great.

LittleFam said...

I like the first picture the best - with the range right in front of the fireplace. I am jealous of that feature! P.S. The pink bathroom looks familiar...where have I seen that before? :)


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