Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is marble the new granite?

So I went countertop shopping today (thanks Nana for taking Finn all afternoon). It was so much fun to walk up and down the rows and rows of stone slabs and think of the endless possibilities. I came home with many samples but nothing stood out to me as the granite of choice. When I went back to look at my five inspiration kitchens I realized that they all had WHITE CALCUTTA MARBLE! Uggg. I say uggg because marble is not an option for me because it is too delicate to withstand life with our family. Anyway - as I looked through my magazines all I saw was marble. So I ask you - Is marble the new granite? Or will the draw backs of marble and the advantages of granite be enough to keep granite in style for a lot longer?

Another note - I still have the ten kitchen magazines that I studied when I built my last house three years ago. I added another six or seven to the mix just recently and I am blown away how styles have changed in such a short time. The changes are subtle but they are there. I am seeing more inset doors (like I mentioned in my last post), more marble and other materials besides granite for counter tops. I am seeing WAY more painted cabinets and hardly any stained wood cabinets. So much for trying to pick a timeless kitchen.

Any suggestions on a really light almost white granite?


Margo said...

I wish I could stroll the isles with you and soak up all your knowledge.

ejrowsell said...

Just wondering your thoughts on the cement countertops or the quartz countertops. When we were putting the counters in out house (under 2 years ago) I was amazed by all of the choices. (Although marble never came up.. Styles change SO fast!)

Bethany said...

Just so you all know - I pay Margo to leave such flattering comments.

Margo said...

No payment needed. Your blog is so fun and it is such a part of you. I love it. Did I tell you we might be coming out this summer? I will keep you posted.


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