Friday, March 21, 2008

Follow Up on Counter Tops

I thought that I would follow up on my last post by mentioning some of the other counter tops that I have considered. Eichelle asked about concrete and quartz.

I am seriously considering quartz which is a man-made stone. It seems to be as durable as granite and I really like the look of it. My little sister used it in her kitchen and it has a very clean contemporary feel. I am nervous about it because of resale. I am worried that even though it is a high-end counter top material, most people in Utah would want granite.

I also considered concrete until I read about the maintenance, cost, and possible warping and scratching.

From the Movie Somthings Gotta Give. This is a soapstone counter top.

Soapstone seems to be the best possible option as far as looks and durability are concerned. You see it a lot in the design magazines and in homes back east. You couldn't find it here is Salt Lake when I built my house 3 years ago. But I ran into it at the Dal Tile slab yard yesterday and was really pleased. The only draw back to soapstone is that is expensive. When I say expensive, it is comparable to a grade 3 or 4 granite (approximately $80 a square foot). A grade 1 or 2 granite is approximately $40 a square foot. And it only comes in gray to dark black.

So based on all of this information - I will probally go with a grade 1 or 2 granite. It seems to be the most bang for your buck.


ejrowsell said...

Thanks Bethany! My friend did quartz in her kitchen and it looks fabulous. I think you are right about the must for granite for resale. Unless you are actually the one looking for a countertop, not much is known about quartz, concrete, or soapstone as a real estate buyer.

rebecca said...

Tom loves soapstone but I see what you mean. This is not your final home so why spend so much money for it. I agree that granite might be better for resale.


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