Saturday, March 15, 2008

Inset vs. European Cabinets

I don't know what my obsession is with inset doors but I just love them. It could be the fact that 99% of the cabinetmakers here in Utah DO NOT make inset doors, so you don't see them that often. You see them all of the time back east. Another reason why I must like them. Anyway, I found a small custom cabinet shop down in Mapleton that specializes in this kind of cabinetry and I think that I am going to use them for my kitchen. Sometimes I wonder if I obsess about the silliest things?....don't answer that.

Here are photos of three different kinds of cabinetry. After looking at them, tell me if you think that there is a big difference between inset, overset and European doors.

BHG Remodel Dec/Jan 2007/2008
These are inset doors. See how the cabinet doors are set inside the cabinet box?
BHG Kitchen and Bath Ideas Jan 2005
These are European doors. See how the cabinet door goes all the way to the edge of the cabinet and you can't see any of the cabinet box.
BHG Remodel Dec/Jan 2007/2008
These are overset doors. Do you see how the doors are set over the cabinet box?


ejrowsell said...

Wow! I am way behind on your blog. I've got a lot of reading to catch up on. Okay, you know where I see the biggest difference? In the drawers.... But maybe that is because of the hardware, and not the actual cabinet design. There is a difference, but not a big one, in fact I had to keep going back and forth to figure out which one I like best.... The winner... The Inset.

LittleFam said...

I think one reason you don't see the inset very often is that the center divider board on the cupboards makes it hard if not imposible to move shelves. I think very few people adjust their shelves but if you were in the store and someone asked you do you want adjustable or non-adjustable you would go adjustable everytime.

Emily said...

Ok, I know I have had this discussion before. I don't think it is worth the extra money for resale value. However you seem to have an obsession, so if you realize that this is an upgrade that you may not get your money back on then go for it. I also think part of the hunt and something different from Utah makes it more desirable. You will notice it but only a handful of other people will. (well now that you posted it maybe more will, you know what I mean)

Anonymous said...

I like how the inset doors look but I don't really notice much difference either. I like all of these cabinets..

Cedar Roots said...

I can't wait until you tell me what is the best!! I of course think they are all fab- love you B-Nicole

lindsay said...

Bethy--I have to admit, I'm changing my mind on the inset doors. I can see why you love them so much. They definitely require higher craftsmanship which makes them cool! Plus you're in a nice neighborhood, so when you resell you might have people that can appreciate the inset doors. right?


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