Saturday, March 1, 2008

What is the best decorating advice you have ever recieved?

Two of my favorite pieces of advice are quotes from magazines. The articles are long since lost so I don't have references on them, but here they are anyway:

Photos courtesy of Cottage Living and have nothing to do with this post. They are just eye candy to keep you reading.

Decorate on a low simmer

In a world where everything is instant - decorating still takes a great deal of time and patience. It takes time to define your style, to think through a space, to consider how a space or piece of furniture will be used. To search out the perfect accessories or try out several colors on a wall. It takes time to understand how one decorating decision will affect another. And it takes time to afford all of the beautiful things that you can imagine in a space. That is why I like this quote.

I have lived in seven different homes since I was married over 11 years ago. That is a terrible tally...Oh well...The home that I am most proud of is our town house in Connecticut and it took me the entire four years that we were there to get it just right. Anytime I get discouraged I remind myself that it takes me roughly four years to complete a design and I feel much better.

I am so in the mood to garden....another excuse for the photos.

It's just paint. It's just fabric. So relax and have fun
It is easy to get uptight thinking that every decision is a life long commitment (and some are) but for the most part, things break, get worn out, go out of style, and have to be replaced. So if you can just relax a little bit the process goes a lot smoother. You may find that the decisions you make when you throw caution to the wind yield the best aunt's cheetah carpet, for example, happens to be her favorite part of her new house. Don't worry it is in the theater room and it looks great.

It is my sister's black shoe theory. She says that if you go shopping for a pair of black shoes thinking that they are the only black shoes that you will ever own and that they have to go with every outfit and every occasion, you will never find them because the perfect pair of black shoes doesn't exist. The same is true with carpet, couches, dinner you get my drift?

What is the best decorating advice that you have ever received? I would love to hear from you so leave a comment.


Emily said...

I think this goes along with the decorate on low simmer....but when I was recovering my couch, I got so uptight because I wanted it to be a timeless piece. Well you told me that it is just a couch and more of a backdrop than a focal point, so do something that will blend rather than stick out. Now I have fun pillows and other focal points in my house that I love, and the couch is just fine.

Margo said...

Any great advice, I have heard from you. I remember you telling me to collet pictures of things I like and put them in a book. Then I will be able to see what my style is and what I seem to like. You are so talented. I remember you telling me about the four years in CT how happy you were with your home after the four years. I still have a while and a lot to do. Keep the advice coming.

rebecca said...

okay, Love the home advice and so does Tom. I need your help a ton. I am proably so stressed about my home because I do not have a knack for this big of a project. I am so excited for your help and input. It's funny, your mom is our realtor, Ron will be our remodeler and you are my decorator AND Lars will be our dentist!! Isn't that hillarious. The kids and I have talked about going to Finn's dad for their teeth.


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