Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Where to Start ??

People always ask me how to start making design decisions once they have their building plans drawn up and construction has begun. OK maybe three people have ever asked me this in my life but it is a good questions. Because there are so many decisions to make it can become very overwhelming. I like to start in the kitchen. These are the most difficult and important decisions you will make on your house, you might as well think about it while you are still fresh. Many of the choices you make in the kitchen will play a role in other rooms as well. I like to use materials that I loved for the kitchen, but don't make the cut for some reason, in bathrooms, fireplaces, and built-ins.

OK- So how do you choose? Here is what I do. I buy every kitchen magazine out there and start dog-earing my favorites. There is no commitment or pressure because you are just marking them. Pretty soon you realize that you keep picking out the same thing and the choice has been made without you even realizing it. This process is fail proof and has worked out really well for everyone that has used it , all three of us.

So here is the look that I keep picking out.

I love the inset doors and drawers. What is inset? I should do a whole post on that. See how the doors and drawers are inside the frame of the cabinet box? That is a great look. It is very New England and yes, more expensive. But I love it. This kitchen is a bit too Martha Stewart for me but there are elements I will incorporate...

I love the long rectangle handles, the white/green color mix (white on top and green on bottom), the shaker style doors, but most of all, the straight clean lines.

Kitchen #2

I am always drawn to black and white checks on the floor. I would like to use the color of these cabinets. I think that it is tan with a green glaze. I need to come up with a name for it. It reminds me of oatmeal or natural linen.

I am a sucker for square cubbies. They remind me of the piece of furniture that my dad used for his tools in our garage growing up. One weekend, I stole it from him, feeling justified because I had the "perfect" place for it in my apartment. I painted it and claimed ownership. I know I am a brat, but he has been a good sport about it. I have used it for ten years and it has been in every room of my house (and in every house) since. My dad teases me relentlessly about wanting it back. OK back to the kitchen. I love the square cubbies so much that it might be worth loosing the practical storage above the refrigerator just to house the collection of soup tureens that I would have to purchase to accomplish this look.

I would love to hear your thoughts...leave me a comment.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm starting the trend.. :) I LOVE the 2nd kitchen with the tan cabinets and green stain. I also really like the square cubbies. I'm glad you are doing this. I will have to print these pages out for future use.

Kat said...

Bethany, what are your favorite kitchen mags?


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