Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Wish

When we were contemplating moving back to Salt Lake City, I always wondered where I would live. There really wasn't a single neighborhood that stood out to me as THE place to live. While we have awesome scenery in every direction, great communities full of interesting and caring people, and easy access to the mountains; it seems that the picture perfect neighborhood does not exist here.

OK - so I am comparing myself to my little sister who lives in the most spectacular neighborhood in the world. She lives in Highland Park, a suburb of Dallas, Texas. At first glance this neighborhood is quaint. Each street is lined with trees, sidewalks and beautiful homes. The homes appear to be approximately 4500 square feet a piece and so you think, "This is a great neighborhood. I would love to live here and I can see myself in that house one day".

Looking a little deeper you realize that you have stumbled upon something even more extraordinarily then you first thought. According to Wikipedia, "It is the 41st wealthiest city in the United States and the 19th wealthiest city with a population of over 1,000. Highland Park is the 3rd wealthiest loaction in Texas by per capita income." It is often compared to Beverly Hills and was in fact, planned and designed by the same landscape designer, Wilbur David Cook.

OK- so that dream house is slipping farther and farther away...but I think that what I love about the neighborhood is that it feels attainable and everyday even though it is just the opposite.

Last time I was there I took over 100 photos of homes that I love. I was designing my Capricorn house at the time and thought that I could take a few ideas and incorporate them. For example, I saw several all stucco homes that I really liked. What made them look so good? mmm could it be the $100,000 slate roof? The closer I looked at each home the more I realized that good design is priceless. It was clear that the new homes, as well as the old homes, had been really well designed by architects, interior decorators, and landscapers. It isn't about square footage or acreage. In Highland Park it is all about great design and great materials.

Enjoy the photos- The first one is the house that Emily and Ben picked out for me. Thank you guys. I wish.


rebecca said...

those homes are amazing!!! Which one does Emily live in. What a great neighborhood.

Jen said...

Beautiful! Wish you were here! I love the way you wtite and the photos posted here. It's a wonderful escape especially when I only have small moments throughout the day.-Don't stop. I love your blogg! Jennifer

Outdoors with Aaron said...

wow!!! these photos are absolutely amazing! what a gem neighborhood!


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