Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is your dream home with in reach?

One of the best things that has come from design blogs is the ability to see into “everyday” homes that are well designed. In the past, our only window into the world of design was through shelter magazines, and books, which typically feature homes that leave us saying…”only in my dreams”. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dream but nothing excites me more then a blog post about a beautiful home that I can see myself living in and actually AFFORDING!


Dream home - Photo Source Things that Inspire

Joni, of Cote De Texas, has posted some of my all time favorites. I love that because she is so cool people just send her pictures of their homes. Joni’s home is fabulous too! I went head over heals for this home that she featured last week.


Photo Source Cote De Texas

Partly because I think it is fabulous but also because it just kept saying to me, “you could do this Bethany!”

I think that is one of the reasons we love design blogs so much. It gives us a glimpse into another persons life and home and allows us to wonder, “how is she doing this?” and “could I do it too?”


Photo Source Cote De Texas

Last night I read about Laurel at Abode Love and her adventures painting horizontal stripes down her hallway.  Where else, besides a blog, do you get such honest details about what it really took to accomplish a look?


Photo Source Abode Love

Not only does she tell us how to do it, she also admits that she screwed it up the first time around and spent three weeks fixing the paint bleeds through the tape. OK I get it- it looks great but it took some work- this didn’t happen overnight.


Photo Source Abode Love

As design blog readers and writers, I think we are all looking for a little bit more then just great ideas. I think we want reassurance that we too can create the home of our dreams and that with a little bit of creativity - it is all with in our reach !

What do you think?


Ann said...

This is exactly why I love reading the blogs--they give me hope that I, too, can have the house I always wanted. Great post!

Katie said...

Enjoyed this post. I too love looking at design blogs but I have realized that most things do cost more money and take more time but I still find inspiration.

Infatuated with Homes and Gardens said...

I know exactly what you mean I love to see real homes with real proportions not the sometimes oversized expensive mansions that I could never have.
I am your newest follower!

Interior Design said...

I guess my dream house will remain a dream. I don't mind as long as I have my dream family at home.

bedroom chandeliers said...

i agree, the house looks great and totally is something anyone could achieve, and that it's the best part


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