Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Las Vegas Furniture Market recap…part 1

I spent last week in Las Vegas at the Furniture Market. It was so much fun. One of the highlights of the trip was getting to know my new BFF, Caitlin Creer, fellow decorator, blogger, and mom. Caitlin and I met a month ago for the first time and the next thing I know we are on an airplane together. Well, at first we were stranded in an airport for 7 hours, then we were on an airplane together, but whatever, we made it to the show and had a blast.

Some designers snub their noses at the Las Vegas Market. As the newest furniture market in the country, it has taken a while for it to gain momentum and many of the biggest names in furniture are still hold outs and not attending. But seriously, I can’t imagine anyone going to this show and being disappointed. We had a long list of showrooms that we wanted to go to – but our favorites were the unexpected new names that we had never heard of.


Aren’t these the light fixtures from Barreveld the greatest!!!


I met with the Taylor Scott company– the king of slipcovered furniture. He has the greatest line of beautiful pieces and every single one of his fabrics is richly textured, soft and washable! I just couldn’t get enough.


Me, Jeff (Taylor Scott) and Caitlin Creer. ( I think I was about as tired as I look)

I couldn’t be more excited about this dish rack that found at Dovetail. I have been hunting one down ever since I saw something similar in a home designed by Ginger Barber featured on Cote De Texas. I never thought I would find something that I like as much as the original pictured below (probably an antique). But I did!!


The showroom Go Home was so much fun. And I was sure I had seen it posted on Brooke’s blog a while back (Velvet and Linen).

IMG_4956We chatted with the product designer for a while and explained the world of design blogs to him. I even showed him Velvet and Linen so that he could see that he had been featured there!


There is nothing like a great shopping trip to invigorate your mind and creativity.


There was so much to see and, of course, Caitlin and I came up with 1000 new projects for ourselves and 1000 new ideas for our clients. If you are interested in some new ideas for your home, please contact me for a consultation. I would love to help.

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Shana said...

Hi there, first visit to your blog.I find that interesting, that something so common it is overlooked in one place is a design element in another. Here carts(a little less fancy) are so common amongst or by the side of traffic, hand pushed or driven by small donkeys!


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