Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Texture makes a neutral color palate more interesting


I am bragging today…

I went to the Sundance Catalogue Outlet yesterday to see if they had good sweaters, they did. But while I was there I spotted these wicker parsons chairs. I had a hunch they would be showing up at the outlet soon because they were on sale in the catalogue for a couple of weeks and then gone. I promised myself that if I ever saw them at the outlet I would buy them – without debating. They were a steal of a deal and I am so excited because they are the perfect thing for my dining room.

You can see why I wanted them so badly- with such a neutral color palate I need the texture to keep it from becoming stale and boring. They also provide a nice contrast to my existing dark table. I still need a light fixture and something on the wall but one thing at a time.

I think a lot of people get side tracked when their neutral color palate is not working. They think that they need color when what they really need is texture. Because it absorbs and reflects light in different ways, using many textures in a room can have the same effect as using many colors. It is just a more subtle way to achieve interest.

I hope you are having a great holiday season!


Emily said...

I'm so glad you posted a photo. They look great, and I love the texture. I bet you feel awesome!

lindsay said...

wow! you are right. I needed texture in my last house. I couldn't figure out how to warm up my living i folded and painted tan! thanks for teaching me something new!

Church Fam said...

Love those. When I do have a dinning room table, I think I want texture chairs.

Anonymous said...

I'm sooooo JEALOUS!!! I really want those... why didn't I just get those? What was I thinking...? They look great with your table!

The Kent and Jennifer Wilcox Family said...

Love the look. When my ship comes in you are doing my entire house!

Anonymous said...

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