Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Photo Advent Calendar Part 2

I have been making these photo advent calendars for YEARS now. They are just too much fun!  It seems like just when I have given one to every single person I know…the photos need to be updated and the colors could use some rethinking. image

In the past the photo tiles have had eyelets that hang on little nails.


This year I magnetized them by hot gluing a super-mini super-strong magnet to the front of each tile. Everyone on my list already had a magnet board that could play double duty as an advent calendar. It made shipping more simple and cheaper.


TIP -  It helps when your family has been all together for a reunion or vacation AND you took great photos. It was so nice to have the photos on hand and not have to track pictures of everyone down and beg people to send me photos.

If you are interested in making your own advent calendar, all you need to do is purchase mat board at a frame supply store and have it cut into 25 - 3X3 squares. I usually have the frame supply store to cut the boards into 12X12 pieces and then take those pieces to FedEx/Kinko's to have them cut into the 3X3 squares. The frame shops usually charge more per cut.

Happy December!



Colour me Happy said...

You are so creative, I love advent calendars and that is so awesome!!

lindsay said...

Just in time. It's good to see it again as I'm working on mine. I love the new colors you did.


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