Monday, November 30, 2009

Paperwhites – the best $2 gift ever

My mom, speaking of Christmas gifts and the economy as we leave a sale on Black Friday, “I guess the trick this year will be to give gifts that cost less but look like more?”

Me, thinking

Me, “No I think this year actually giving less is better. Right now people appreciate simplicity and don’t want to feel like they need to reciprocate in a big way or at all.”

Here is what I am giving some of my girlfriends and neighbors this year and I am not embarrassed to say that they cost less then $2 each.


Photo: Costal Living

I googled to see when I should plant my paperwhite bulbs to have them blooming right at Christmas time. It said six weeks (so I planted them in mid-November). But now some of them are getting ready to bloom. So I would say PLANT NOW for best results. It is not too late!!


I planted them in all sorts of containers for my Christmas decorating. Just whatever I had on hand. Today I planted some new ones for gifts…Here is how I did it.


I purchased these little tumblers from Ikea for 29 cents each. They are the perfect size for one single bulb and there are no drain holes (important!).


I filled each pot half way with orchid bark. You can also use rocks. The key is that the bulb needs to sit on something so the roots can find their way down to the water.


The bulbs were about a dollar each at my local Smith’s Market Place. (kind of like a scaled down Target). Ten came together in a nifty canvas bag. I am stoked about the bag – now I have three.



Put the bulb on top of the bark and add water. Fill the water just to the bottom of the bulb so the roots will start to grow. Remember to keep watering them but don’t submerge the bulb- just water the roots. image

Tend them for the next couple of weeks the end result should be something like this….


photo: real simple

Can’t wait to give these! Happy planting.


Melissa B. said...

good idea.

Jen said...

I did this one year for gifts and my home. LOVED it!!! Flowers in winter brighten your day and get you looking forward to spring (it's my favorite season...i'm always looking forward to it:)

Lisa said...

Love the idea! I'll try it next year and maybe this year for a late bloom for my home.


lindsay said...

love the Ikea tumblers! A perfect, yet cheep container is tricky to find. I'll have to get a bunch of those going. My table needs something!


Margo said...

Living by you and your creativity is one of the top reasons I would move back to Utah. I sure miss you. I could just sit for hours and soak in all your fun. Love the idea. A for sure for next year.


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