Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dear Amy C.

My friend just moved her son Sam (7 years old) and daughter Elli (5 years old) into the same bedroom. She asked me how to decorate the space so it would work for both genders. I immediately thought of this quilt from Garnet Hill. I love quilts! Each one is a piece of art and can be used in many different ways for both practical and visual purposes.


I like this one for its versatility - it works for both boys and girls and you can play up any of it's bright colors. I would play up the orange and red for Sam and Elli. I also like the polka dot sheet sets (also from Garnet Hill) and they come in many bright fun colors.


The bad news is that the quilt is no longer available. I searched for something similar and found this one from Sundance Catalogue ALSO UNAVAILABLE. Why are they teasing me like that????


I found this one from frolic design on Etsy by searching under keywords "pinwheel quilt".


It is not the right size but many artists on Etsy are willing to fill custom orders so it might be worth looking into.

I hope that helps Amy C.! At least it is a conceptual start. If anyone else has a suggestion I am sure she would love to hear it.


Cedar Roots said...

funny, no great suggestions coming to mind.. .I searched e-bay thats about as good as I do. but, it would be super fun to use great fabrics like that and make a quilt, maybe not so elaborate as pinwheels, but it could be fun. My mom and I have made 2 baby quilts, (easy, easy because they are so small) but we did have fun together-maybe you can find some quilting friends and make a night of it. Good luck!

Melissa B. said...

This is why my Boy/girl room is not really decorated. I haven't come up with anything. At least not that they would like. I figure i will leave it until they don't share anymore.

Maria Killam said...

Aren't they great! I can see those in a beach cottage. . . love them!

Amy said...

Okay! You are the best! Thanks for the ideas. To add to your previous post- on using what you have. I have the cutest red clock and hanging red book shelf. So I would love to put in the red and oranges. Ellie wants some flowers (hmm) and Sam polka dots, but really I think I can make it work. I now need to go on the hunt for fabric. I have a friend who know some secret fabric stores- that may have the answer. I haven't chosen the paint because I need the bedding first- right? Or wrong. I have some awesome frames that really work well with the beds, but no art yet. Super fun. Keep the ideas coming. Amy

Cote de Texas said...

Cute room! But I'm glad I didn't have to share one with my brother! oy!!!!

btw - no pictures at Warrenton? are you serious? why not?

btw, 2 - I am through with that other mall - when I saw that sign, I thought - forget it. I'm not welcome here.

T. said...

My sister in law just had twins- a boy and a girl. She did the room SOOO darling! She painted 2 sides of the wall in green and the other two in purple. Then she had a tree painted in a darker green on the green side that met up with the purple side where flowers bloomed. I should take a photo and show you as I am not doing it justice. Anyway, that's an idea to go along with the quilts.

Cote de Texas said...

BETHANY - ok - yes, about the gold frames, it's really the mats that can make or break the look. any small thin gold frame would look good. my client took care of that reframing and i sketched out the matting - but imo - I wanted the matts twice the size they came out - I wanted them huge. I love that look when there are small prints in a series. hope this helps??!!!

Maria Killam said...

I love the orange polka dot sheets, want some of those! Thanks for your sweet comment!

Maria Killam said...

Thanks for your ever so lovely birthday comment on my blog! You are the best!

Maria Killam said...

Hey thanks for your comment! It's funny that you say that (now you know because of reading my blog) I went to a consultation (rare) from someone locally that was reading my blog and it was so fun cause she knew exactly what I was talking about pinky beige, etc.

Maria Killam said...

Hey I'm here again cause you posted a comment !! Thanks so much!

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