Monday, September 22, 2008

Dinning Room Set

If I could ever commit to a piece of furniture this Dinning Room Set would be it...If anyone has seen this table before PLEASE tell me where. Country Living Magazine (Nov. 2006) did not give a source for it and, well, isn't it just spectacular.

I would also love the light fixture which shouldn't be too hard to find. This might be a good substitute by Lexington. But I am not sure I could spend $5000 on a substitute.


Amy said...

B-When you find the table will you order two? Remember me telling you I need a round table. That one is beautiful. You don't have to worry about two people having the same table if they live in different states- or do you? Good luck. Get excited for those palm tree pictures! Amy C (Seattle)

Admin said...

I'm addicted... love this blog Bethany!

How about Circa Lighting for the fixture?


Admin said...

Something similar...

Admin said...


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