Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I sent my sister on a hunt for these large brown pillows. Cottage Living said that they are from West Elm but I couldn't see them on their website. My sister is very kind and has helped me out a lot with my house. She lives near some of the greatest shopping in the world (Dallas, Texas) and with in walking distance of West Elm. In my next life I am going to be a rich southern belle and live in Dallas, Texas, next door to her. But until then...

I called off the hunt when I found these pillows at the Sundance Catalog Outlet (not available in Dallas - Go Salt Lake City!!!). Saturday morning, I felt like a hunter/gatherer, bringing home my spoils. However, I am more like a hunter/gatherer/RETURNER because the rug and pillow shams have to go back. But I can not complain. Finding two throw pillows makes for a good days work.

What makes these pillows special is that they have the ability to transform my warm autumn couch into a cooler more wintery version. They will need help from a rug and some carefully selected accessories but they got me on the right track. Pulling light blue into the color scheme is just the right thing and my couch is actually green not brown. A quality for which I left the couch at the warehouse while insisting that I ordered a brown couch not a green one. When I got back to the show room my salesperson pulled out the fabric swatches and oops, it is suppose to be green. Love the couch and my new pillows.

I am still hiding the room from view - It needs some thinking through.


rebecca said...

love the pillows!!! you are always so great at finding fabulous things. I also love the before and after pics below, I never saw the before so it is fun to see it.

Sarah said...

Am I in the wrong family?

Emily said...

You need to do a post on the designing blogs that you read. I would like to have a resource to look at when I visit your blog....that is from April Philipoom- or what ever her name was :)


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