Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Loaded Question

So you are at the plumbing store picking out your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. The salesperson casually asks you which finish you prefer; antique nickel, oil rub bronze, wrought iron, brushed nickel or chrome. You have NEVER thought about the finish on a bathroom fixture before and wonder if you really care. However, you have put so much time and energy into your project that you muster up some interest. You decide on antique nickel, however, you don't realize that you have just spent thousands of extra dollars. Thousands? you is that possible is just one bathroom fixture.

Here is how.
Chrome is the standard finish and usually what is included in your plumbing or general contractor's bid. To upgrade to another finish could be double the price. The chrome fixture above is listed at $224.80. Antique nickel is $423.00. In my house, there are six bathroom fixtures, that is $1200 extra. But it doesn't stop there. If I want to match the finish on my three bathtubs and three showers I would be paying double there too. And if the same is true with light fixtures and door knobs...I am in trouble.

There are many solutions to this problem. For one, I don't mind mixing finishes. My whole house does not have to be the same antique nickel or oil rub bronze. I can spend the extra money where it matters most to me and save in the areas that I am willing to compromise. I will probably put chrome in the bathrooms and brushed nickel in the kitchen. My door knobs will be oil-rub get the idea.

I guess it is just interesting to me how each decision has a consequence and how you have to be prepared to open up a can of worms with every one. And the truth is, I actually really like chrome.


ejrowsell said...

We did that in our house. Most of our fixtures are oil rubbed bronze, including the door knobs and hardware on the cabinets and even light fixtures. However, in the kitchen and wetbar in the basement we did brushed nickel. I've always worried that doing oiled rubbed bronze would "date" the house. But it looked so much better than the other options with our color choices. Mix and Match BABY! :-)

Jane said...

I'm liking the brushed nickel, but whatever is most cost efficient is what I like, too!

what about rusty nickel? I'm just wondering because I'd like to match what we've already got in our bathroom.

Ashley said...

I need to remember to ask for prices first because if I don't I always end up picking the most expensive one and having sticker shock. Hopefully I will be able to mix and match. (I haven't had the option or a space big enough to merit mix and match.)


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