Monday, April 28, 2008

Rethinking the Medicine Cabinet

Usually when I think of medicine cabinets I think of the little mirrored cabinets that were built into the wall of my outdated apartments during college. They were not very attractive or functional. So when my cabinet guy suggested custom making them for my master bathroom, I almost shrugged him off

I was complaining that my new bathroom would not be big enough to fit the glorious wall cabinets that I grew so fond of in my old bathroom. I loved that I had a place in the bathroom that was out of my son's reach. Medicine, hair products, and nail polish remover could all be stored up high. I remembered this picture that I saw in the Restoration Hardware catalog and realized that a medicine cabinet could be functional as well as attractive.

One thing I like about this idea is that A) I can have them custom made to be any style, design or finish. B) they don't have to be built into the wall. You can just mount them onto the wall like these from RH. I am afraid of commitment so this works well for me.


Anonymous said...

I like that Bethany. I think it is a great option when there isn't a ton of room for cabinets. said...

The only thing promblem I find with the idea is that I like a really big mirror in my bathroom to do my hair and make-up with. But they are pretty and they do give you storage. Tough choice.

rebecca said...

I like this idea but I agree that I like a big mirror in the bathroom to do my hair and make up. I might need something like this because i don't think my bathroom will be very big


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