Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dimonds, Hand Bags and Garage Doors

Some women might dream about diamonds and hand bags but what really does it for me is a lovely garage door. I know - I am crazy, but I think if you are going to live in a ranch style house with a garage out front, it might as well be the best looking garage door out there. So today I ordered this lovely number from Clopay. I am very excited.

On another note. My kitchen sink is here (in fact it is sitting in the front hall of this rental house as I write). It looks like a bath tub because it is so big. I am very excited to have a one basin, white fireclay sink.


Emily said...

Well some people who dream about diamonds, and handbags already have the beautiful homes, I know because I am surrounded by them. Sometimes it is fun, sometimes I get sick of it.

On another note, I absolutely LOVE that garage door. Excellent choice, it will make a HUGE HUGE difference. Well thought out- great place to splurge to stand out from the rest!

Kat said...

Recognized your house as we were driving neighborhoods the other day. Looking good. I'm sure every progression is so exciting. We hang out at Laird lately so if you're ever needing a park fix with the boys call me!

I'm always driving by old houses and declaring if they would just put a fancy garage on it....

Anonymous said...

Love both of them Bethany! Good choices!


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