Monday, March 31, 2008

Dear Reader

Cottage Living 9/2007
A reader wrote:

My new house has a great floor plan, the only problem is that the "back hall" is in the front of the house. Because of where the garage entrance is, I just know that all of my kid's backpacks and shoes and coats are going to end up right next to the living room. Any suggestions on how I can make this space work functionally with out giving up the formality of the living room?

OK - no one really wrote me that email...but wouldn't it be fun to answer emails about design dilemmas?

A friend really does have that problem. So Tiffany, this photo is for you. I love the bench because it is both functional and stylish. It also looks like it could really take a beating (being an antique church pew, I am sure it has seen it's share of wear and tear). I can see lots of shoes and baskets tucked underneath the bench and your purse and a few backpacks could be placed on the hooks or on the bench so that they are easy to grab. I love the level of the hooks and trim piece because it does double duty as a picture ledge. All in all this is a great design and plan for a high traffic front hall.


Margo said...

I love this idea. So can I start posting my problems and questions? I have a lot. I really need your design eye.

Church Fam said...

Bethany I love it. I have already told Ty some of your other ideas that we will be doing in the house. I will be needing a design from you soon. you are brillint! P.S. Are you going to send me an invoice?

Outdoors with Aaron said...


I've been searching for a max-length-6 ft-church pew to put in my new living room to help with the violin students question "where should i put my case?" if you ever run into one, let me know!


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