Saturday, January 19, 2008


The latest news on the house is that work has begun. The demolition crews have been over there all week gutting pink and blue bathrooms as well as old kitchen cabinets, appliances, doors, and baseboards. It comes down a lot quicker than it goes up; that is for sure. Thanks to Rebbecca for making me take "before" pictures for her. I would have missed that opportunity had I waited.

Lars's uncle Wayne Christensen came up with some great ideas on our floor plan. He is a home builder just like Lars's dad, Ron, who is doing our remodel. Wayne really has a talent for space planning so we were glad to have his input. Our architect Alex Schiel met with me on Friday. He will be looking things over and have some conceptual drawings for me next week. I am really excited to see what he comes up with. Wayne and Alex were the talent that made our Capricorn house really great. I am so glad to have them help me on this project as well (even though they both think we sure tare it down). Once we see Alex's ideas and go over Wayne's ideas we will settle on a plan and be ready to go.

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Kat said...

Alex's work looks amazing. Is his talent even available for the "common folk"? :)


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