Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Inspiration room

Something about this kitchen spoke to me. It wasn't really the cabinets or furniture necessarily- It was the big island with diagonal seating. I really wanted a big island with room for three or four stools but couldn't fit it in until I saw this idea with the diagonal.


Emily said...

I like the the shape of the island as well. I also really like that there is a sink in the island. You usually do most of your prep work at the island anyway why not the sink too.

Lindsay said...

my mother-in-law has the diagonal island. It's the best!!! It makes it so there are a lot less bottle-necks. My dream kitchen has a diagonal island as well.

Lindsay said...
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ejrowsell said...

Its beautiful. Here are my two cents: First - I love having a sink in my island, However I wish I had a disposal and a pull out garbage can!! Second - if you are doing wood floor - do light colored! I can't say that enough about that! LOL
Also, I like having an open kitchen - as long as the people at the front door can't see my kitchen - especially my kitchen table!
Looks beautiful Bethany!


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