Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Another Floor Plan Option

So I opened up the kitchen into a sitting room and made my master closet bigger. I hope that I am not making this kitchen too open because that is what drove me nuts about the old house. I will post a few inspiration pictures that will help you see the vision of this floor plan. YOUR COMMENTS ARE VERY APPRECIATED.


Anonymous said...

I love this plan. I really like the kitchen with the diagonal island. I have a blog for you to look at.. she is a kitchen designer and she has an island like this. I think. I also love the two rooms. The sitting room will be so great. LOVE IT!

Emily said...

Love this floor plan..the master suite is much better use of space. I did have a thought. What about putting the laundry down stairs? You could put a laundry shoot in your master suite or somewhere. I just think it would suck to take your dirty clothes through the dinning room. I don't know. Just a thought. Then that room could become your office.

Lindsay said...

love the laundry room because it would be a great mud/room entrance from the garage. But emily makes a good point about carrying the laundry through the dining area. What is the flooring going to be in the dining?

The island my mother-in-law has allows seating all the way to the corners. You could push the cabinets in so that you could fit a million kids on stools. (at least 8) That way you can keep the kids in the kitchen and parents in the dining when you're entertaining.


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