Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Dotted Line Designs – Christmas and Holiday Cards

Joy for B

You may have noticed my new blog header. It was well overdue, I know. Thanks to Emily Asay, of the Dotted Line Designs, for creating such a perfect design for me. I really love the way blogging forces you to think about what your doing and writing and WHY! Designing a graphic for the header was no exception. Emily was great at helping me translate my blogging aspirations into a graphic that represents my style and goals. Plus she has great taste and can design just about anything. We are sisters (lucky me!) – you may remember her from here, and here.

Emily designs beautiful custom holiday cards, mailing labels and calling cards too. Check out her blog here. Wouldn’t it be great to get your cards designed, ordered and ready to go early this year?


Living It At Home said...

Love your new blog header. It is very sophisticated yet welcoming. I think it represents your blog beautifully. You and your sister are very talented.


lindsay said...

love the card designs! You two have an eye for design.


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