Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ann-Marie Barton - Style in Salt Lake City


Last week I went to Jeni Goichnour's Art Open House which was held at the Holladay Gardens Condominiums model unit. The open house was great and Jeni's collection of painted gourds and goodies is always so much fun. Of course, I was totally distracted by the beautifully decorated condo by interior designer, Ann-Marie Barton. I quickly went home and looked the property up on the MLS. All photos are from the MLS, however, the listing is currently expired???


The floor plan is perfection. At 1800 square feet it really lives large and packs a punch in all the right areas (kitchen, master suite, laundry room and study)


I love the hood, and milky white cabinets, subway tile and tropical brown granite countertops. The commercial grade range is my personal favorite brand - Decor (it is what I have in my home too, I will have to tell you about the digital meat probe later- it is the best!)


These photos do not do that white linen slipcoverd sofa justice. It is beautiful - it looks a lot like the furniture by Giannetti Home - which I adore.


The colors in the home are a soft mix of butter and sea salt blue. I wish there was a picture of the head board and pillows that Ann-Marie picked out for this space.


I like the mix of natural stone and subway tile. In the other bathroom (not pictured), the walls of the shower are white subway tile and the floors are slate. I love all-white spaces but natural stone on the floor (limestone, slate and some travertine) hides a lot of dirt and warms up a space.



I love this office. Say good-bye to expensive cherry wood cabinets. This space is more feminine and flexible. Beautiful! If you would like to see more of Ann-Marie's work click here.


Granite Supplier said...

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Melissa B. said...

Love the kitchen and living room space. You have me hooked on the Colour blog. I can't stop reading it!!! And the Pure home or something. I wish you were coming to Spokane with me so you can help design and remodel an old home on South Hill. There is one we are interested in that the agent is looking at for us. It will definitely need a new kitchen space.

Maria Killam said...

Gorgeous house and beautifully decorated! Thanks for showing it!

Living It At Home said...

Beautiful pictures. I really like the office space. Very simple yet functional. Love your blog, I think everyone needs a little "curb appeal"!

I just posted a "before and after" of my living room. I was thinking of using the Oly, Hanna Chairs that are in one of the pictures. What do you think?


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