Monday, March 16, 2009

At Home With Great Designers

There have been so many fabulous home tours on my favorite blogs lately. If you haven't already seen these - be sure to check them out.

Cote De Texas always has excellent home tours on her blog. Her commentary is the greatest because you feel like you are touring the home together. The first tour is from her blog and is actually three homes that have been owned and decorated by Ginger Barber, a Houston designer and shop owner. Her shop is called The Sitting Room. I love to see the way people (especially designers) live and decorate for themselves.


The second tour is the home of Brooke Giannetti, Los Angeles based interior designer. Her shop is called Giannetti Home. She is so fabulous and so are her designs.


I loved reading about how she decorates for herself verses her clients. She said, "I found all of the rugs at flea markets, and all of the chandeliers were either purchased at a flea market or on Ebay. It was a wonderful way to furnish my home, but an impossible way to furnish anyone else's home."

Reading that was a light-bulb moment for me and made a lot of sense. There is so much to learn about the business of interior design. It is as much of a challenge as the design work itself.

I loved both of these homes because they were, of course, FABULOUS. But also because they had so much personality and character. I love a home that looks as though it has evolved and grown up with a family!


Canvas Printing said...

Thanks for sharing these! I'll make sure I visit at least some of the links you provided.

Emily said...

I want to go sit on that front porch and sip some lemonade.

Colour Me Happy said...

I loved both those posts as well. I also resonated with Brooke's comment on how you can't do that for clients. I had one (well client/friend really) that said "well can't we just find the furniture on Craig's list" Well yes but you have to be willing to pay me my hourly rate to source this stuff, go look at it. . . it's hit and miss which is why hiring a designer is a luxury service. We know exactly where to go to get the fabric/furniture to work in their house and that is the best way to be paid and the best way to go about it.

Cote de Texas said...

Hi!!! thanks so much for this! I just saw it!!!! much appreciated, so say the least - especially to be with Brooke - my favorite! thanks again!

Velvet and Linen said...

Wow. This is a wonderful surprise!
Thank you for writing about me and my little cottage.
It is true. I would love to decorate all of my clients' homes with flea market, antique and e-bay finds, but you have to have a client who is willing to accept the mistakes. That is one of the reasons I opened my store. It allows me to buy things I love and then place them in my client's home.
Joni is the best. I have learned so much from her blog and her friendship. She is a generous and incredibly talented woman.


lindsay said...

Wow! I loved those home tours. I've been in those neighborhoods around rice! They are amazing. It was fun to actually see inside them! thanks B


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